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Bohyme Machine-Tied Wefts are 30% thinner than the industry standard. Each weft unravels into one 70 to 80 inch track that can easily be installed using various methods, such as sew in, by using micro rings or micro beads or attaching clips. Beloved by stylists, our machine-tied wefts can be cut by bonding the end of the track and customized to suit a multitude of textures and styles.

These durable wefts are formed using bulk or loose hair that is fed through a triple-head sewing machine. Prior to two individual wefts being merged together, hair is folded and sewn at the root, adding a reinfored stitch to ensure durability and prevent shedding. This technique also allows to create exceptional back-to-back color blends and form one strong and flexible double-sided weft.

Bohyme’s machine-tied wefts are thinner and constructed much stronger than the average weft. They’re durable and adjustable, making the wefts easy to use and able to handle many different types of installation methods. Although machine-tied wefts are thicker than hand-tied or seamless wefts, the quality of the hair remains the e standard that Bohyme is known for.

Photo - Machine-Tied Weft process