Adhesive hair extensions (also known as tape-in extensions)  have become extremely popular due to their easy application method. Tape-in hair extensions are thinner in application which some individuals may find more comfortable. If well taken care of, hair extensions can be reused many times by replacing the tape adhesives. Tape-In hair extensions are held in place by double-sided tape that is applied by placing two pieces of the adhesive tape together, with your natural hair sitting in between. The process can take minutes without any prior experience with extensions. 

 Prep: Before getting started, make sure your hair is cleaned, dry and brushed out before installing tape-ins. If applying tape-ins for the first time, proceed to the first step. If you are reusing tape-ins, remember to have replacement tape strips handy. 


Section your hair horizontally on the nape of your neck  with the tips of your ear as a guideline. 

The extensions are added piece by piece along the back of your head to just above the ears.


With your hair parted, remove the protective film from the tape-in.

Attach the skin weft extension on the top side of a portion of your natural hair. Do not attach too close to the scalp as it may cause unnecessary stress. Allow a little wiggle room for pony-tails, tying your hair back, or any styling preferences.


After applying the top side of the hair extensions, part your hair over your head. 

With the underside of your natural hair exposed, apply an additional hair extension and match up the tape strips with the top side. 

The tape in extension should “sandwich” your natural hair with the 2 adhesive strips holding onto each other. 


Repeat Steps 1-3, ensuring that the tape hair extensions are sitting side by side with about .5″ distance in between each set. Follow along the perimeter of your hair guide. 

With proper application, hair extensions will be invisible and will fit securely and comfortably. 

Once you master applying tape-ins, you will easily be able to try out new colors, add volume, and get creative with curls, braids, and other styling tricks. 

What you need for Re-using Tape-ins