Welcome to the breathtaking world of Shangri-La where the story of Ethos begins. Located in the northwestern province of China, Shangri-La is home to stunning views of shattered mountain peaks painted in a crisp, icy blues. The climate and air quality contribute to Shangri-LA being the perfect region to cultivate the healthy hair needed to create the unique color blends of Ethos.

For over 40 years, Bohyme has been committed to bringing awareness to environmental issues brought upon by the hair extension industry. Sustaining the natural environment and moving towards positive changes are some of our most important goals when creating Bohyme products.

Bohyme Ethos features ashy and platinum tones unique to this collection. All colors were created based on requests from hair professionals around the world. The wide range of ashy | platinum tones available in the Bohyme Ethos collection are made possible due to the high grade Remi hair quality used and the gentle 40 day extended color bath.

As the originators of 100% Remi® hair, our collections ensure that every strand is full and voluminous from root to tip and sourced from only healthy, all-natural human hair. The benefits of using high quality Remi® hair include:

  • Less tangling
  • Minimal shedding and matting
  • Less breakage
  • Less dryness
  • Pure color tones and blends

All sourced Bohyme hair is tested to meet Remi standards. When cuticles are intact, dyes are capable of penetrating the cuticle, medulla, and cortex to reach not just the surface, but the core. This results in pure colors that are unachievable with lower grade hair.