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Bohyme tests thousands of color tones a year with the support and input from Bohyme professionals worldwide. The high grade Remi® hair allows for dyes to penetrate the healthy, intact cuticles for long lasting, pure colors. Combining the high quality hair with our gentle slow, methodical processes, creates blends exclusive to Bohyme®.

H - Highlights or "piano" striped colors.
D - Layered - One color is laid on top of another to mimic the effect of highlights. Because of the layering process, it is only available in machine-tied wefts.

M Mixed Blends - A mostly solid color with dimensions of a secondary color.
T - Two-toned, Ombre - A gradual transition from one color to another, Balayage - Soft highlights blend the top and bottom colors where they meet for a seamless transition. Similar to Ombre but transitions between the colors are more blended
R - Rooted - 2-3 inches of root transitioned into another color
A / B / BL = Ash / Platinum

We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on the Site. We cannot guarantee that your phone’s or computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

  • For exact color, please use the Bohyme Color Ring. 
  • Not all products are available in every color.
  • For more information call Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company.

Brown Shades

Blonde Shades

Red Shades


Layered (Machine-Tied Highlights)

Mixed Blends

Ombre, Balayage & Rooted

Bold Colors

Ethos Colors

The wide range of ashy | platinum tones available in the Bohyme Ethos collection are made possible due to the high grade Remi hair quality used and the gentle 40 day extended color bath.