Clip-Ins are by far the most user friendly hair extensions available today. Clip-ins are great if you love to change your look quickly and easily. In a matter of minutes you can add several inches of length as well as double your volume. If color matched correctly or blended well, clip-ins can look like your natural hair. Another benefit of clip-ins are that you can experiment wildly with colors! If you desire highlights, ombré, or just trying different hair blends, clip-ins can are an attractive solution. 


  • Tail Comb
  • Hair Clips (alligator clips, hair parting clips, color parting tools)

Prep: Before getting started, make sure your hair is cleaned, dry and brushed out before installing clip-ins. Then sort out your weft set into groups of similar sized wefts. Grouping them together will help you stay organized while installing your clip-ins. 


Begin by using your fingers or a tail comb to separate your hair horizontally a few inches above your nape of your neck and secure the rest on top using an alligator clip. 

Take your tail comb to create a clean section of separation and tease your hair at the roots. 

Tip: If you have fine hair, consider using hair spray to create a grippy texture for the clip-ins.


Select the desired length clip-in hair extension and insert at the separated hair. 

Then ‘snap’ the clip-ins to ensure a firm hold. Tug onto the extensions to check for a secure fit, clip-ins should be comfortable and secure on all areas. 


Release a portion of your already clipped hair to add another layer of extensions. 

Section off your hair horizontally again, one inch above the starting row. Tease at the roots and if needed, apply additional hair spray. Fasten and insert another row of hair extensions. 

Once done, blend the hair together to create a seamless transition. 


Repeat the steps for as many clip-in extensions that you would like to add. Make sure you leave enough hair on the top section of your hair to cover the previous layers.

Work your way from the back until you get to the sides, use the smaller weft extensions just above the ear and that it is closely aligned with the previous attached pieces.


When all desired hair extensions are attached. Use a wide-tooth comb and gently brush your hair to blend them all together. Be careful not to brush too roughly as it may dislodge the extensions that are in place.

If you are using any heated styling tools, be careful not to use too close to the clips. The clips can attract heat and may cause damage.

To take off the clips, begin at the top of your head, unclip each weft and carefully store them until further use.