Back in 1978, Bohyme was born from the need and desire to bring you healthy, luxurious hair. This exclusive collection is a symbol of our roots. It is a symbol of our original values. Bohyme Private Reserve features thick, voluminous hair in three of our most popular hand-tied styles – Silky Straight, Body Wave, and Ocean Breeze. Full from root to tip, Private Reserve is simply the vision of thick, healthy hair.

Behind Private Reserve

Thick, full hair reminds us of youth, of what once was. It is a symbol of health and vitality. Healthy locks give us confidence. It’s no wonder why so many of us pay attention to our hair and do so many things to try and preserve it. We understand this sentimentality. We already have a superb collection of high-quality hair to add length and volume but we wanted to do more. We wanted to bring you a product that also embodies the original values of Bohyme. So we went back to the drawing table. We took ourselves back to 1978 and refreshed our memories of the time when Bohyme was starting new. We did all this in the hopes of finding that perfect formula to create a collection of the healthiest, fullest hair you can find in the market. This exclusive collection is a symbol of our roots. It is a union of something old and something new. It is about revisiting our beginnings when all and every part of our focus was on bringing you the healthiest hair possible.


Behind The Hair

The Bohyme Private Reserve Collection is derived from ethical sources and individual donors, allowing the hair to be at its most natural, healthy state. Our elevated collection is composed of 100% Virgin Remi Hair and double drawn to remove all short hairs. To maintain its purity, our hair is then cleansed using eco-friendly ingredients and essential nutrients. After this careful process, our Private Reserve line is given a mild bath for 28 days to ensure that color is consistent throughout the length of every strand. Quality control further filters any subpar hair to eliminate shedding and tangling. One set of hair takes up to 38 days to create. These specially crafted wefts can be worn anywhere up to 12 months.