Top Hair Salon in Scottsdale, AZ

We cut, color, and style hair artistically
to accentuate your best features.

Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company consistently meets the hair goals of each client with our unparalleled professionalism, commitment to industry standards, and dedication to educational advancement in the latest hair care and styling techniques. Come in and experience our salon services, meet our hair artists, and leave with healthy, gorgeous hair.

If none of your friends are asking “who does your hair?”, come see us!

Our Scottsdale hair stylists specialize in these hair care and salon services:


Sleek and straight, voluminous and curly, and all else in between – our artists focus on bringing different hair types to life. Our professionals will recommend the style that suits you depending on your face shape, lifestyle, and preferences. We specialize in dry cutting, done/undone styling, bang trims, layering, hair dusting, barbering, de-bulking, point cutting, hair carving, and full-on hair makeovers for adults and kids.

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Our hair colorists handle everything from color maintenance to complete transformation. By combining Alfaparf Milano Professional products and our advanced coloring techniques, we can help you achieve the hair color of your dreams. From low-maintenance highlights, platinum blonde, root touch-ups, bold colors, lived-in color, balayage, and multi-dimensional hair color, we are experts in varied hair color trends and classics.

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If you’ve permed or bleached your hair (a.k.a., exposed your crowning glory to major damage), the chances are that you’ve heard of OLAPLEX conditioning treatments in Scottsdale. OLAPLEX belongs to an elite group of hair care products that genuinely live up to their claims. The best hair professionals in Arizona and the world swear by the hair damage-repairing benefits of OLAPLEX, which effectively strengthens hair from root to tip and inside out. From deep brunette to platinum and back, OLAPLEX allows miraculous hair transformations to take place without causing irreversible damage.

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When taming frizzy hair has become an impossible struggle, a Brazilian blowout in Scottsdale is the solution you need. This popular treatment uses liquid keratin to create a smooth, protective layer around each hair strand. The impenetrable surface prevents hair from frizzing and tangling, achieving shiny, gorgeous hair that’s easy to manage. Brazilian blowouts last for up to 12 weeks, allowing you to go for a long time without worrying about the frizz.

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If you have thin or short hair, extensions are an excellent way to add body and fullness to your mane. Our stylists can dramatically enhance your hair by customizing its length and volume within minutes or hours using clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-in extensions, and other Scottsdale hair extension options. Our salon offers a full range of colors, lengths, and styles, giving you greater flexibility when choosing extensions. Our stylists can also cut, color, and style your extensions to blend perfectly with your natural hair.

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Our professional stylists also specialize in Kerastase conditioning treatments, formal hair styling for special occasions, color correcting, gloss treatments, and permanent waves (perms), among several others. Complimentary consultations are available for these services.

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Our hair salon is complete with the finest equipment, security systems, and more to ensure your comfort and safety while we work on achieving your hair goals.


Choosing one of the best hair salons in Scottsdale provides a wide selection of high-quality services
as well as plenty of extras that make your visit even more enjoyable:

Your own personal hair doctor
Our professional hair stylists can diagnose problems, provide treatment recommendations, and suggest helpful products to improve your hair’s condition. While we will do our best to achieve your desired look, we will also be honest about what will and won’t work depending on your hair type and its current condition. As you trust your regular doctor for your health, start trusting us as hair doctors for your hair.
Unwind And relieve stress
Our salon is designed to give you a relaxing experience. We offer complimentary hand and head massages as you are being shampooed, as well as quick shoulder massages while you wait for your stylist. Even sitting under the dryer while your hair color is setting will feel like a mini-retreat from work, kids, and errands. You will leave our salon looking pretty and feeling refreshed.
Get the pampering you deserve
Have you been busy with work and errands all week long? Spending a couple of hours at our hair salon is the much-needed pampering you earned. People find solace in various ways and our salon offers many different options. For some of our clients, watching a colorist apply dye to each section of hair is rewarding and soothing. For many others, hearing the sound of hair being cut by a sharp pair of scissors is a calming experience. Choose a service or treatment you like and visit our salon for a quick escape.
Talk therapy
Our hair salon in Scottsdale is well-known for being a social place, so it’s a great spot to vent or get things off your chest. Our stylists are like informal counselors who will let you talk the entire time you are in the chair. But don’t worry; they also know that some clients prefer to come in just for their treatment and not to socialize. You as our client set the tone for having discussions or remaining tranquil and quiet.
Improved self-confidence
While a link between hair and self-esteem is common sense, it’s also scientifically proven. If you haven’t been feeling the best about yourself, consider making changes or improvements to your hair. You might be surprised at how lightening, darkening, curling, straightening, or cutting your hair can improve how you see yourself.


Laura H.

Scottdale, AZ


Happy to report I have finally found my salon!  After moving to Scottsdale over a year ago, and having endured numerous Salon experiences that left much to be desired, I am thrilled to have found Canyon Falls and my stylist Franco.

Franco has years of experience enabling him to expertly create the perfect hair style for you.  Walking you through different options and techniques provides a well thought out hair cut and enhances the entire salon experience.  My hair is stick straight and he not only managed to create volume, he did it with a cut that requires zero styling from me on a day to day basis!

On top of an amazing stylist the salon is beautiful, and  entire staff was was friendly, happy and polite!  I look forward to returning in the future and would not hesitate to recommend Canyon Falls to anyone!

Magnolia P.

Scottsdale, AZ


Marlee is the nicest, most chill hair stylist i’ve ever met, super down to earth, and was very gentle with the hair. If you’re looking for a youthful vibe, she’s the one. She gives great highlights, and this place provides good prices for hair as mine is long and thick. I’m more than satisfied with the hair and happy that it came out the way it did.

Vanessa J.

Chicago, IL


Melissa has been doing my hair for years and I will never see another stylist. She makes me blonder and better every visit. I have naturally fine hair and she is the QUEEN OF EXTENSIONS! She has done tape-ins and sew-ins on me and it changes my life. I have thicker, longer looking hair and my curls hold for up to 3 days! Did I mention she’s also a master of the Brazilian Blowout? After she colors me freshly blonde she Brazilians my hair and it stays naturally frizz and split end free for about 4 months! Book her for your hair or make up for any special occasion and you will not be disappointed!!


Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, about 18 minutes east of Phoenix. Our professional hair stylists welcome all hair types; we specialize in natural straight hair, curly and wavy hair, dry cutting, hair-saving color correction, extensions, and so much more. Our goal is simple: to provide all clients with an outstanding and educational salon experience.


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