Private Reserve Hand-Tied Weft Silky Straight Color M4/30

Private Reserve Hand-Tied Weft Silky Straight Color M4/30

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Net Wt: 4oz (110 -114g)
Width: 10″- 12″ (26cm – 31cm) Per Bundle, Depending on Length
Available Lengths:  18″ (46cm)   22″ (56cm)
18″ = 8 Bundles   22″ = 6 Bundles

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Private Reserve Hand-Tied Weft Silky Straight

As a pioneer of Hand-Tied Wefts, Bohyme led the industry in crafting the strongest, thinnest, most flexible, and flattest hand-tied wefts in the world. Bohyme Hand-Tied Wefts are made of 100% Remi human hair. These intricate wefts take approximately 3 to 5 days to create. The hair is hand-sewn onto one continuous thread and knotted securely to prevent shedding. Each 10 to 12-inch weft can be folded over itself at the ends to secure placement on the head. The thinness of the Hand-Tied Wefts allows for multiple wefts to be layered for multi-dimensional color blending without causing damage to one’s natural hair. Versatile and strong, Bohyme Hand-Tied Wefts can be heat styled as well The Silky Straight offers a versatile style that can help create endless amounts of exquisite looks. The Hand-Tied Silky Straight has an intricate and durable weft, which helps to create a less invasive and more natural look. Net Wt: 4oz (110 -114g) Width: 10"- 12" (26cm - 31cm) Available Lengths:  14" (36cm)  18" (46cm)  22" (56cm)  24" (61cm) 14" = 10 Bundles    18" = 8 Bundles    22" = 6 Bundles   24" = 6 Bundles

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Weight 0.4375 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

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