Bohyme Hand-Tied Top Piece Straight Color 2

Bohyme Hand-Tied Top Piece Straight Color 2

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Cap Size: 5.75″ x 3″
Hair Length: 14″- 18″
Weight (grams): 58

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Bohyme Hand-Tied Top Piece Straight

The Seamless Hand Tied Top Piece by Bohyme is a clip in hair topper that adds volume and coverage on the top of the head and along the part. The base is made of a fine hand-tied monofilament base that measures 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" and and the rear section narrows out to about 3". The Seamless Hand Tied Top Piece is ideal for concealing thinning hair on the top and along the part. The location and coverage adds volume and thickness overall, and can be used to cover root growth in between color services. Apply easily using the 4 gentle pressure clips and align the part with your hairline. Bohyme 100% Remi human hair is utilized to allowing for salon professional inspired tones with roots, highlights. It can be heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron making blending flawless. The hair length measures 14 inches and is made with the perfect density for creating fullness without looking bulky or obvious. Unique Base Shape - Perfect for adding fullness, concealing thinning, or covering new growth between colors. Hand Tied Monofilament Base - The base is hand-tied to create the appearance of natural hair growth, which allows for parting versatility, and is sheer to blend with all skin tones. Skin Safe Polyurethane Perimeter - A polyurethane strip goes around the perimeter of the base and contains 4 pressure sensitive clips. The clips can be removed so that adhesive can be applied. 100% Remi® Human Hair Cap Size: 5.75" x 3" Hair Length: 14" Weight (grams): 58

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