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Hand-tied wefts will not cause lumps at the crown or stick out from the regrowth of one’s natural hair. Each 10-12 inch weft is designed to be folded over itself at the ends instead of trimmed. Trimming the weft will cause the weft to unravel or shed.

Bohyme Hand-Tied wefts can be heat styled and is ultra lightweight - allowing for multiple wefts to be layered for multi-dimension color blending without damage to one’s natural hair. The weft is durable, long-lasting, and less visible on the scalp. Revered for only selling strands that are true-to-length, from root to tip - Bohyme Hand-Tied Hair is immediately identifiable by feel and appearance.

These hand-tied wefts are composed of micro-fine, flat wefts that lay discreetly against the scalp. Thinner and lighter than machine-tied hair, hand-tied wefts are the most undetectable and comfortable extensions available. The hair lays flatter against the scalp and can be re-used. Each weft is handcrafted using only the healthiest hair and offers the largest spectrum of natural human hair colors, lengths and textures in the industry.

Bohyme Hand-Tied wefts can be installed using a variety of application methods including micro-rings and sew-ins. Because Hand-tied wefts are ultra thin, they can be stacked and layered in one row and lay close to the scalp. It is crucial to know that Hand-Tied wefts should never be cut during installations as they will unravel.

Weft Lengths:
14” - 10 Bundles (Each weft in the bundle is 10” - 12” long)
18” - 8 Bundles (Each weft in the bundle is 10” - 12” long)
22” - 6 Bundles (Each weft in the bundle is 10” - 12” long)
24” - 6 Bundles (Each weft in the bundle is 10” - 12” long)


Available in Ethos, Private Reserve, Luxe & Classic Collections







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