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Bohyme Seven Piece Clips-ins

Bohyme Seven Piece Clip-ins are an excellent and extremely popular way to extend your look. Strips of hair are attached to clips with combs for easy installation and removal. These are preferred for people who want to add or remove extensions daily or for special events.

Some Key Features:

  • Temporary Application - Can be applied and removed on a daily basis
  • No-Slip, No-Damage Clips - Small clips with unique protective silicone strip


3” (7.6cm) Width – 2 Clips –2 PC
5” (12.7cm) Width – 2 Clips –2 PC
7” (17.8cm) Width – 3 Clips –1 PC
8” (20.3cm) Width – 3 Clips –1 PC
10” (25.4cm Width – 4 Clips –1 PC