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The Bohyme Luxe Collection is our highest quality hair collection, This luxurious collection features;

  • 100% remi human hair that is full and voluminous from the root to the tip. 
  • The healthy and all natural hair allows us to produce rich, vibrant, and bold colors to match any style. 
  • Experience the hair that many of the top stylists and salons want to call their own.

Exclusive to Stylists & Salon Professionals

This high-end collection was designed with stylists and salon professionals in mind. Whether it’s fuller hair or a thinner weft, our goal was to simply create a hair extension collection that stylists would be proud to use on their own clients.  This exclusive collection is only available to licensed stylists or salon professionals.

Ethically Conscious

When other companies produce hair extensions, most hair arrives in large and uneven batches that can be a challenge to sort and organize.  However, Bohyme® Luxe hair comes from ethical sources and individual donors. This allows the hair to be at its most natural state, with no chemical processing, which results in less damaged and healthier hair.  By emphasizing the importance of quality, Bohyme® Luxe has been able to produce the the most impeccable hair extensions to date.

To maintain its purity our hair is cleaned thoroughly using a delicate processing method consisting of eco-friendly ingredients of food grade dyes and essential nutrients. We incorporate this process along with a 21 day color bath to the hair, our product doesn’t contain mixed batches cutting back on shedding & tangling. The hair is easy to style, takes color immediately and will last well over a year with proper maintenance.