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Bohyme Classic Machine-Tied Weft Soft Wave Color D1B/30

Bohyme Classic Machine-Tied Weft Soft Wave Color D1B/30

Product Details

Net Wt: 4oz (110 -114g)
Width: 70"- 80" Depending on length

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Item ID SW14-D1B/30 In Stock


Soft Wave is a beautiful soft, wavy texture with lots of body and bounce. Beautifully relaxed delivering endless possibilities and manipulation for styling. An ideal wavy style for those wanting natural body. Can be curled for more depth and texture, or straighten for a sleek and modern look.

Net Wt: 4oz (110 -114g)  •  Width: 70"- 80" (178cm - 203cm)

Available Lengths 
14" (36cm)   16" (41cm)   18" (46cm) 


Machine tied wefts are similar to a  long strip of hair that is like a curtain or a grass skirt. Loose or bulk hair is fed through a triple-head sewing machine and sewn together. At the root, hair is folded and sewn and then add a reinforced stitch for a stronger hold to the weft. Machine wefts usually are thicker than their hand-tied weft counter part and usually available in more variety of styles and textures.