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Bohyme Classic Hand-Tied Weft Deep Wave Color H14/BL22

Net Wt: 4oz (110 -114g)
Width: 10"- 12" (26cm - 31cm) Per Bundle
18" = 8 Bundles, 22" = 6 Bundles

Length 18" (46cm)

Bohyme Classic Hand-Tied Weft Deep Wave Color H14/BL22

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Bohyme CLASSIC Hand-Tied Weft DEEP Wave

Bohyme Classic Hand-Tied Weft Deep Wave

Deep Wave are well-defined, spiral curls delivering Amazonian curves and waves. Offers endless options to create and enhance texture. Very easy to maintain. Great for those who like a permed-look that retains its curl pattern.

Net Wt: 4oz (110 -114g)
Width: 10"- 12" (26cm - 31cm) Per Bundle
Available Lengths:  18" (46cm)   22" (56cm)
18" = 8 Bundles          22" = 6 Bundles


Each individual hair is hand-tied onto the weft which creates a very strong but much thinner weft when compared to machine wefted hair extensions. The end result is that the hair extension sits closer to the head and feels more natural. Because of how thin the wefts are, they should not be cut when installing. They are packaged in smaller pieces while machine wefts are one long piece.