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Private Reserve Hand-Tied Weft Ocean Breeze Color 2

Private Reserve Hand-Tied Weft Ocean Breeze Color 2

Product Details

Weight: 110-114 grams (4oz)
Width: 10”-12” Per Bundle
18" = 8 Bundles

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Item ID POHT18-2 In Stock


From the loose beach waves of Ocean Breeze to the thick, voluminous waves of Body Wave, wavy styles are perfect for adding volume and dimension to your hair. These popular wavy styles are included in the Private Reserve Collection. Bohyme waves are created through a non-chemical process. Hair is wrapped around different sized wands based on the desired style. These wands are then placed in temperature-controlled chambers where the heat is closely monitored.This non-invasive method ensures that the hair remains healthy and stays close to its natural state. Also, thanks to the non-chemical process, the waves look far more natural.

Net Wt. 4oz (110 -114g) Width: 10"- 12" (26cm - 31cm) Per Bundle

Available Lengths:  18" (46cm)

18" = 8 Bundles