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Luxe Seamless Weft

Luxe Seamless Weft - With a lightweight, one-of-a-kind weft, we invite you to experience unimagined volume and silky texture for a dreamy fit and function.

Created using revolutionary technology, Seamless Weft eliminates many factors that can cause irritation or matting at the scalp. This unique weft has zero return hairs.

Exceptionally strong and durable, our Seamless Weft is incredibly flat at just 0.5mm thick and 5mm tall. The weft is shed-free and can be cut to any desired width without fraying. Seamless is ideal for any type of installation including sew-ins and micro rings.

Versatile Weft

Extremely versatile, Bohyme Seamless Wefts can be stacked over one another for fuller installations or color blending. They are ideal for clients who have thin or fine hair and want wefts that won’t peek through. Seamless Wefts can be cut into desired lengths to enhance smaller areas. The Luxe Seamless Weft can be cut to any desired width, making it perfect for Sew-Ins, Tape-Ins, Pro-Tips, Clip-Ins, and any other specialty techniques.

  • Ultra Thin Weft - 40% Thinner than Machine-Tied Wefts
  • Seamless Comfort - No Return Hairs for Exceptional Comfort
  • Shed-free 

Weight: 110-114 grams (4oz) 
Width:  62"- 67" (158cm - 170cm)
Available Lengths Silky Straight:  18" (46cm)   22" (56cm)
Available Length Body Wave:  18" (46cm