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Also known as Pro-tips, are individual extensions which resemble the tip of a shoe lace. Each tip of hair is usually secured with micro rings or cylinders to strands of your natural hair. This allows stylists to more precisely add length or color to specific areas depending on the needs of the client.

What You Need




Parting Your Hair

Use your fingers or a tall comb to separate the area of your hair, where the clips would be placed.




Prepare Pulling Needle with Micro Ring

Thread micro rings onto the hook part of a pulling needle.




Determine Where to Install Hair

Grab a section of your natural hair with the hook. In the other hand, prepare to pull the hair through the micro ring.




Pull Hair Through Micro Ring

While holding the the micro-ring in place with one hand, use the other hand with the pulling hook, pull the hair through the micro rings.




Inserting the Pro Tip Extension

After pulling your natural hair through the micro ring, insert the pro tip extensions in between the micro ring and your natural hair.




Clamp the Micro Ring

Slide the micro-ring about 1/2 inch from the scalp. Hold the ring and hair in place and tightly close the ring with the extension tool.




Reapply Pro Tips to Desired Locations

Repeat the steps to apply pro tips to other locations and until desired look is achieved.